Booking Assistant

Warsaw, Poland


Purpose of the role:

The purpose of the Booking Assistant role at Iyuno (media localization company) is to manage the scheduling and booking of resources (e.g. actors, directors, editors, voice-over artists internal teams, freelance engineers) for timely completion of media localization projects. The Booking Assistant will work closely with Project Managers and other team members to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget, while maintaining high-quality standards.

Key supporting values & behaviors for the role

• Attention to Detail: The Booking Assistant must have a keen eye for detail, ensuring that all project details are accurately recorded and communicated to the relevant parties.

• Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential in this role, as the Booking Assistant will be responsible for communicating with clients, team members, and external resources.

• Organization: Excellent organizational skills are necessary to manage multiple projects and resources simultaneously, ensuring that deadlines are met and projects are completed within budget.

• Proactivity: The Booking Assistant should be proactive in identifying potential issues and taking steps to mitigate them before they become problems.

• Teamwork: The Booking Assistant must be a team player, willing to collaborate and support other team members to ensure project success.

KPIs / deliverables:

• Resource Utilization: The Booking Assistant should ensure that resources are utilized efficiently to maximize project profitability.

• Timeliness: Projects should be completed on time, with the Booking Assistant monitoring project progress and proactively communicating with team members to ensure timely completion.

• Accuracy: Project details and resource bookings should be accurately recorded and communicated to all relevant parties.

• Client Satisfaction: The Booking Assistant should ensure that clients are satisfied with project outcomes, responding promptly to client inquiries and addressing any concerns that may arise.

• Process Improvement: The Booking Assistant should identify areas for process improvement, developing and implementing solutions to streamline operations and improve project outcomes.


• Planning/booking of audio studios, technicians, directors, actors, voice-over & singers in our planning system.

• Wages and contract negotiations with actors and/or their managements.

• Informing the production daily of planning adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances regarding illness of actors, directors, technicians, lack of material, more time used for sessions.

• Daily reports of the agenda and Session Reports for recordings.

• Daily collecting and controlling the Session Reports, putting it into EDMS system.

• Daily hour processing of the past bookings, booking ending, checking and correcting hours, amounts etc. in the system.

• Processing weekly schedules of the working hours of the technicians.

• Hour monitoring of technicians.

• Attending Production- and Technical meetings.

• Thinking and working on improvement of workflows.

• Preparing Weekly and Monthly reports of studio hours.

• Establishing and conducting of new planning workflows.

• Performing other position-related duties as assigned by the supervisor

Skills and experience required:

• Native Polish language, proficiency in English.

• Your availability from Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM

• Proficient in using office equipment and MS Office

• Excellent analytical, organizational and communication skills.

• Detail-oriented, capable of multi-tasking, and self-directed with proven ability to prioritize tasks.

• Resourceful, adaptable, and able to work in a fast-paced, quick-turnaround environment.

• Excellent time management skills.

• Excellent problem-solving skills.

• Enthusiastic and willing to learn.

What we offer:

• Contract of mandate - umowa zlecenie

• Hybrid work possibilities

• Interesting projects

• Possibility for promotion and staying with the company for longer

• Opportunity to develop skills in an international environment

• Gaining experience at the leading dubbing / subtitling company

We are ambassadors of a collective global team, one in which every individual's unique point of view brings meaning, and value. Iyuno embraces diversity and is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to applicants of all backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We collect a wide range of data on potential recruits, job applicants and candidates in order to run our selection and recruitment process and comply with legal requirements in that context. For this purpose, we collect master data relating to the person (name, age, gender, contact data) and in addition mostly data relating to professional development (like e.g. CV, education details).