Speech Recognition

For over a decade, Iyuno has been working hand in hand with technology companies to develop speech recognition systems and text-to-speech automation. Utilizing our global network of recording studios, voice talent, linguists, and transcribers, Iyuno has been influential in some of the most popular speech applications on the market today. We have been able to assist clients in developing systems in more than 50 languages and continue to assist in the development of new voices as speech systems continue to integrate within new platforms.

Emily In Paris

Iyuno was proud to provide the CAS and Polish languages services for Season 3 of Emily in Paris.


Our Services

We assist our clients in building synthesized voices and manage all aspects of development from casting to recording, delivery and contract management. We source voice-data collections around the world to create glossaries and integrate new languages into existing working models.

Text To Speech (TTS) Recording

Iyuno has been recording for TTS since 2006, delivering localized versions of thousands of prompts. With rigorous in-territory casting sessions in over 40 languages, centralized contract, and AOR management Iyuno has the capacity to handle large volumes and scale project management and technical teams.

Data Collection

Our collection features thousands of voices from native speakers around the world. We regularly screen for all client demographic needs. Iyuno has the ability to facilitate controlled-environment collections and create new internal tools for specific workflows and projects.

Chatbot Voice Creation

We have delivered translations and thousands of prompts in more than 25 languages since 2006. Our technical supervisors assist with complex projects and delivery systems, and our experienced translators are able to handle thousands of prompts per language simultaneously.


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