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The world of entertainment is accessible to every corner of the planet. When you have a partner who can produce all of your content in 100+ different languages to deploy around the globe, working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you have the power to maximize your content's reach. We are not satisfied until we have gone above and beyond the ordinary.

Iyuno was proud to provide the German Language Dubbing on Deputy, Season 1.

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Delivering your content at the scale you need

Tap into a global team of expert translators and world-class voice actors in 35 countries who are all committed to improving ways of working and developing. All based on a technology-driven production suite that provides you with unsurpassed quality, efficiency and security.









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Largest capacity of any localization company

Our team of experts, including specialized translators and top-notch voice actors, work around the globe to deliver translated subtitling and dubbing in more than 100 languages. We put customers at the centre of our attention, building positive relationships and acting as your trusted advisors. That means you can enter new markets and engage with more audiences than ever before.


Languages Supported

We provide full-service localization services and support any language you need for your content. Our quality, technology, and scale are unmatched. With dozens of offices around the globe, fluency is our legacy.


Hours of Dubbing Capacity a Year

We make it possible to capture dubbing, voice over and lip sync for your content in our traditional, state-of-the-art studios and through our remote recording network.


Hours of Subtitling Capacity a Year

With facilities all over the globe, our fluent team of localizers are available to help you wherever and whenever you need them to transform your content subtitling experience and accelerate your project deliverables.

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More dubbing facilities means more content

With so many options and platforms, and nearly limitless consumer appetite, the demand for your entertainment content continues to soar around the world. But even as the choices grow, consumers increasingly expect your content to appear in their own local languages.


Recording Rooms


Dolby Atmos® Rooms


Mix Rooms


Edit & QC Rooms

We speak your native language

Over 100 languages supported

Not only is more content being created by leading Hollywood studios and distributed overseas than ever-before, more international content is being consumed by audiences all over the world.

  1. Arabic
  2. Armenian
  3. Bengali
  4. Bislama
  5. Bosnian
  6. Bahasa Indonesia
  7. Bahasa Malaysia 
  8. Bulgarian
  9. Burmese
  10. Cambodian
  11. Cantonese
  12. Croatian
  13. Czech
  14. Danish
  15. Dutch
  16. Dutch Flemish Hybrid
  17. English US/UK
  18. English Asian
  19. Estonian
  20. Farsi
  21. Fijian
  22. Finnish
  23. Flemish
  24. French
  25. French CAN
  26. Galician
  27. German
  28. Greek
  29. Haitian
  30. Hebrew
  31. Hindi
  32. Hungarian
  33. Icelandic
  34. Italian
  35. Japanese
  36. Kazakh
  37. Kekchi
  38. Khmer
  39. Kiribati
  40. Korean
  41. Latvian
  42. Lithuanian
  43. Macedonian
  44. Malagasy
  45. Marathi
  46. Marshallese
  47. Modern Standard Arabic
  48. Norwegian
  49. Polish
  50. Portuguese Brazil
  51. Portuguese European
  52. Putonghua
  53. Romanian
  54. Russian
  55. Spanish Castilian
  56. Spanish Latin American
  57. Swahili
  58. Swedish
  59. Tagalog
  60. Tahitian
  61. Tamil
  62. Taiwanese Mandarin
  63. Telugu
  64. Thai
  65. Tongan
  66. Turkish
  67. Ukrainian
  68. Urdu
  69. Vietnamese


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