With over 18 million subtitled minutes of content in 100+ languages, Iyuno is focused on connecting video, connecting people, and connecting content to the world. Our team of expert subtitlers – including highly skilled linguists and top-notch specialists – dive into massive volumes of work with turnaround times that beat industry expectations. We are not satisfied until we have gone above and beyond the ordinary.

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Winning Best Picture at the 2020 Oscars, Director of Parasite, Bong Joon-Ho encourages viewers to get beyond the “one-inch barrier” of subtitles he so cleverly referenced in his acceptance speech.

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Delivering unmatched multilingual subtitling services for major studios, OTT distributors and content creators around the world.


With just a couple of lines of text, compelling stories are brought to life. We offer subtitling formats designed to match any type of content and bring the speech to life in your audience's local languages.


Adapting existing subtitle files to ensure quality and full adherence to the guidelines and specifications of new subtitle files and videos.


Metadata that is quick and simple to access, and translated into different languages so you can unleash new synchronization and visibility potential.


With extensive experience with closed captions for broadcast, DVD, and video on demand, we excel in a wide range of alphabets and styles.


Offering expeditious turnaround times, some as fast as two hours, with project workflows running simultaneously and seamlessly.


Covering the technical aspects of subtitling by AI so our translators can focus more on creative quality.

Quality, Capacity And Scale

We set the gold standard for subtitled content that transcends cultural barriers

More international content is being consumed by global audiences than ever before. Iyuno is prideful of our pivotal role in the film-going and content consumption experience because we understand that outstanding subtitling allows stories to transcend borders and be accessible to the masses. We are delivering over 500,000 hours of subtitling in more than 100 languages annually for broadcast, theatrical, home entertainment, streaming and VOD platforms. Our local knowledge and global footprint make Iyuno the largest media localization company with owned-and-operated facilities in every major region. 2,500 dedicated in-house staff understand their local markets and ensure subtitle files are delivered correctly. 7,500+ language specialists are tested across time cueing, positioning, content verification and grammar. Our proprietary subtitling software has been developed by our in-house team and is one of the world’s most robust subtitling systems. Its fully profiled array of inputs, outputs, and workflows match any language in every distribution window from digital cinema to mobile platforms. Your complete solution for all subtitling project workflows.For commonly asked questions on subtitling, please visit our newsroom and blog.

Translators, Captioners and Proofreaders

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With owned-and-operated facilities all over the globe, Iyuno's diverse team of passionate localization specialists are available to help you wherever and whenever you need to transform your subtitled content and accelerate your project deliverables.

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