With over six million minutes of dubbing content in 100+ languages, Iyuno is helping introduce new cultures and experiences to audiences around the world. Our network of 273 owned-and-operated recording studios, including state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos, provides you with global coverage and connectivity.

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Iyuno was proud to provide the Localization Services for Bridgerton, Season 2.

Dubbing Services

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This is where technology-driven localization meets dubbing innovation for global OTT and streaming content that audiences can connect to.


Our in-house hands-on dubbing directors and sound engineers are creators too. They understand how to navigate the language nuances to deliver nothing short of dubbed perfection from our state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos studios. Our team is not satisfied until they have gone above and beyond the ordinary.


Our creative excellence means unmatched multilingual experts working in over 100+ languages, delivering captivating voice over performances for seamless viewing experiences across major blockbuster films to animated children's series.


Add narration to your content that aligns precisely with your characters' native tongues. Words that fit on-screen movements perfectly and are natural to the viewer's eye.


Our database of voice talents, dubbing directors and other key members of creative localization teams allow us to easily search and select top-notch talents that exceeds your project requirements.


Our adaptation services capture the emotion and context of the source material. Iyuno regularly recruits new talent, native speakers and adapts scripts to best match lip-sync movements. Iyuno can ensure character integrity and consistency of experience in different languages.


A unique dialogue that is only spoken by one voice actor. Most commonly used in Poland, the voice actor focuses simply on repeating the dialogue as said.

Remote Recording

Flexible capacity, anywhere

Iyuno's commitment to advanced solutions and rapidly deployable recording facilities has enabled us to maintain flexibility for expanded recording abilities for our clients. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to maintain the capacity needed to meet any localization project's demands, regardless of size or location.

With our custom app and advanced cloud-based software, talent can be easily booked and scheduled for their recording session. This streamlined approach ensures we can deliver high-quality localization on time and on budget.

Direct Your Way

Join the dubbing community with produb

produb is the world’s first app for foreign language dubbing community professionals. The unique and revolutionary platform provides direct access to a large media production marketplace, enabling users to find work opportunities, manage auditions, and showcase their talents. produb provides a new opportunity for discovering talent, guarantees fair treatment, ensures long term planning certainty, and creates a living community through a network of dubbing industry professionals.

produb app

produb is an application for film production professionals.

produb app

Mixing, mastering, delivery reimagined with Dolby Atmos

Quality, clarity and details like never before

Iyuno's Dolby Atmos studios enable state-of-the-art sound mixing, mastering, and delivery of Dolby-compatible content through seamless technology integrations to the largest multiplexes and home theaters, so your audiences experience your content in the highest audio quality across every region and language.

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