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Since our inception, technology has been at the forefront of everything we do. The future of localization will be driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which will have wide reaching ramifications beyond just our industry. We are at a pivotal moment in the lifecycle of technology with innovation capturing our focus.

Improving day-to-day workflows

We have been propelled into the next chapter of transformation in the localization business. Our core objective is to accelerate the technology and cloud-based platforms that are built into our day-to-day workflows. We believe that the application of artificial intelligence to entertainment content will result in a more connected, efficient and joyful global viewer experience. Our corporate philosophy comes with the wish that people around the world lead happier, more fulfilling lives through the content that we amplify with our technology-empowered products and media services.



Automated process



Real-time project management



Zero downtime and fast turnarounds



Automated QC parameters



Read-only, proxy and forensic watermarking



Centralized workflows and complete transparency


Artificial intelligence and machine translation

Now more than ever, leading translation companies are using machine learning to help automate their content creation. It is likely that the volume of computer-generated content will increase rapidly in other fields as well. With computer-assisted translation evolving rapidly, artificial intelligence will continue to impact not only the way we localize content and overall capacity, but also the way we produce and consume it.


NMT has arisen as the most powerful algorithm to translate text from one language to another. This state-of-the-art algorithm is an application of deep learning in which massive datasets of translated sentences are used to train a model capable of translating between any two languages


More and more, we see machine learning within the entertainment industry. It's used on the streaming platforms consumers watch, cloud-based servers content is stored and the speech recognition technology used for audio. Iyuno understands that with groundbreaking technology comes a change in environment. Participating in the market, providing cost management benefits and embracing industry trends is our core approach for incorporating machine learning into our business. We aim to answer the demands of the media industry by welcoming unforeseen detours and turning them into opportunities to drive creative solutions.​


Through the integration of NMT across our enterprise, we are eliminating longer turnaround times, set project capacity, lack of consistency and poor-quality linguists. Our team of translation experts have noted that the NMT integration delivers higher consistency in comparison to human translation, faster turnaround times, and improved engine quality while supporting competitive freelancer wages.

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Increasing performance and accuracy

With neural machine translation (NMT)

By tapping into genre-specific data including drama, documentary, animation, comedy, horror and more from our 100+ languages, we increase the performance and accuracy of our NMT engine through two different types of learning.

Unsupervised Learning

Through unsupervised learning, Iyuno trains its data augmentation and pre-processing engines by learning tasks algorithms. This includes identifying patterns in our genre-specific data and spotting similarities that split that data into categories – for example documentaries, dramas series and animated cartoons.

Supervised Learning

Through supervised learning, our NMT engine is exposed to large amounts of labelled data. The result: recognizing the clusters of pixels and shapes within entertainment content and reliably distinguishing between the faces, voices, scenes, and colloquialisms.

Testing & Collecting New Data

Our data is verified and refined under a strict quality control process to guarantee it’s aligned with current requirements and surpasses other datasets within the industry. After our NMT engine is fed a portion of this data, we test it with the remaining data for accuracy. When collecting new data, our main sources are the continuously growing genre-specific dataset, live broadcast feeds and commercial quality data.

Where human and NMT workflows meet

Dramatically improving the speed and volume of human translation.

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NMT Features

Human connectivity powered by technology is built into everything we do.

Consistent Terminology

Character’s catch phrases, nicknames, repeated plot pertinent dialogue remain consistent from start to finish

Accurate Timecode Capture

Rushed timecode capture and timing errors are eliminated through a detailed process

Quality Translation & QC

Backed up by powerful data and lead by trained experts

Even Tone

Relationships among characters are easily understood in every single scene

Accelerated Turnaround

Speed to match and satisfy the current market demand


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