Media Technician



Specific Responsibilities

  • Able to perform technical quality control following Client’s specifications in a timely manner.

  • Able to provide non-creative video editing like simple edits, cross dissolve using Adobe softwares, not limited to Davinci Resolve & Transkoder.

Capabilities and Skills

  • Ability to perform with minimal supervision.

  • An individual who is highly passionate who takes initiative and lead in a fast-paced environment for career growth.

  • Very detail-oriented and contributes media ideas & solutions.

  • Communicate professionally, keeping the positive vibe within the team via email or communication tools.

Expectations and Outputs

  • Ability to identify potential audio/visual issues and describing it accordingly.

  • Able to take charge and lead projects in technicality.

  • Be supportive within the team.

  • Able to support during the weekends whenever required.


Night Shift (10pm - 7am next day, Monday night until Saturday morning)

Seniority Level



Translation and Localization, Media Production, Broadcast Media

Employment Type


Job Functions

QC, Editing

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