Operations Manager

Taipei, Taiwan


Role Description

Your position as Operations Manager, Taiwan has accountability for all aspects of the local and operations and delivery of business for its people and customers. This is a key role in supporting revenue growth for Taiwan, responsible for the day to day management of in-house production and project management teams, Vendors, Freelancers and other partners or resources required to successfully deliver media localization.


The Operations Manager, Taiwan is responsible for managing, planning, designing, implementing operation and administration activities of the office aligning the global business strategy of IYUNO Media Group. The position ensures company directions and business are aligned with operating objectives, standards and goals.

Capabilities & Skills


Leadership - Inspirational leadership with a clarity of direction, confidence of execution and recognition of success. Be seen as a thought leader in the industry, an accomplished public speaker (internally and externally) and honed emotional intelligence. An authentic line manager is able to inspire individuals to exceptional performance.


Customer Focus -Building exceptionally strong relationships with customers. Able to build a clear stakeholder map, understand customer roles, responsibilities and centres of influence and ensure strong and effective relationships built at all levels between customer and IYUNO. Ensure alignment to customer goals, mission, culture and objectives to move the perceived view of IYUNO from the vendor to a strategic partner.


Delivery & Operational - Able to provide a strong delivery and operational leadership with an eye for detail. Pragmatic in approach and able to solve problems to ensure that deliver quality, cost and timing are on or ahead of agreed SLAs and expectations. Ability to influence others to drive improved outcomes for the business


Commercial -Strong focus on business performance and growth. Ownership and delivery of business performance metrics supporting both regional and global targets and ambitions. Strong negotiation and contract skills to ensure the quality of engagements, best commercial outcomes and minimized risk profile.


  Stakeholder Management - Able to build and nurture relationships at senior levels both within Iyuno and externally with stakeholders and the wider industry (Customers, Vendors, Influencers)


Communications - Strong and consistent communications skills with the ability to promote and drive influence in the market for Iyuno. Able to provide simple and effective messaging on the "Why Iyuno?"


Key Performance Indicators and Metrics



Local office Revenue

Local office Margin

Dubbing Minutes produced

Subbing Minutes produced

Dubbing Quality Score -To be agreed how measured

Subbing Quality Score -To be agreed how measured

Customer Satisfaction - local client level

People satisfaction -To be agreed



Cost per dubbing minute

Cost per subbing minute

% market share

Salesforce/msx Quality


Specific deliverables for the role:


Expectations & Outputs {Checklist}

Local Team Leadership:

  • Directs and supervises the activities of employees

  • Delegates duties among employees and allocate proper resources to the team

  • Provides guidance and leadership for employees as needed and support employee developmental programs

  • Identifies core competencies, maximizes core strengths and defines operational goals

  • Maintain Business Controls as Needed:

  • Implements company policies and makes key decisions within the office

  •   Maintains budgets and monitors cost against budget


Business Development & Growth:

  • Researches and analyzes industry, market, and competitors to make informed strategy decisions

  • Takes initiatives to take advantage of market opportunities, reduce operational threats, and forestall business risks

  • Able to represent Iyuno to major and potential clients and maintain relationships

  • Reports project status clearly to cross-border teams and management

  • Liaisons with management to make sure all efforts are in alignment


People & Culture:

 Work with HR to Create and document a people strategy aligned to core values and mission

  • Attract and retain the best talent especially in critical positions

  • Drive a high-performance culture rewarding success and managing poor performance effectively

  • Ensure continuity by building a succession plan for each of the team leadership roles and critical resource positions

  • Ensure all people have signed and agreed role descriptions, objectives and success measures

  • Ensure line managers are carrying out their line manager responsibilities and having regular and effective 1:1s, regular performance reviews, coaching and reviewing development plans Produce a training plan to document, capture and track training and skills development for the team

  • Support the people surveys and ensure actions plan in place to address issues and drive a more engaged workforce

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