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iDub Remote Recording Solution by Iyuno

iDub Remote Recording Solution by Iyuno

Everything you need for business continuity

The iDub Booth Kit

Professional-grade materials, industry-standard equipment, iOS application and global project management backend.

Design fundamentals to capture the highest quality audio

The iDub Kit features a field-deployable acoustic structure – with highly effective sound absorbing properties, a professional microphone, and an iPad® featuring our proprietary iDub application – all supported by Iyuno’s Cloud Production Suite and global backend.

A portable recording space where great stories are made

With all the equipment, materials and technology you need to record, Iyuno’s investment and deployment of iDub Booths to its global network ensures that voice talents anywhere in the world can continue to capture quality sound.

Software that powers on a global scale

The iDub iOS App with Pro Tools® integration enables creative dubbing teams everywhere to fully record with its simple user interface, real-time talkback feature and easy accessibility to project files.

In-Studio vs. iDub Dubbing

Iyuno's remote recording solution, iDub, is replicating the traditional studio recording environment by supporting the same dubbing workflows that directors, sound engineers and voice actors are accustomed to so we can deliver high quality audio regardless of the circumstances.

In-Studio Dubbing
iDub Dubbing

Voice talent is cast

In-Studio Dubbing

iDub Dubbing

Voice talent is booked


Sound engineer sets up in-person recording session

Sound engineer sends session invites through iDub App

Recording session

Voice talent returns home

Voice talent deconstructs iDub booth

Director returns home

Director signs out of iDub App

Quality standards for the industry

Iyuno supports the mission and goals of the Audio Business Continuity Alliance (ABCA). Together with MESA & iDub, we are helping facilitate standards for the future of remote recording and a level of Acceptable Recording Quality (ARQ) that can be delivered as fast as possible once disruption occurs.

Globally trained pool of voice talents

As part of Iyuno-SDI’s business continuity efforts, we are forming a globally trained pool of voice talents who are equipped with iDub Booths and certified to deliver acceptable dubbing performance for leading entertainment studios and streaming platforms.

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