Broadcasting + Cable: IYUNO Delivers High-Quality Video, Audio, and Closed Captions With Interra Systems’ QC Solution

By Dundee Hills Group | May 14, 2018

Baton QC

With Interra Systems’ BATON Quality Control Platform, IYUNO Can Scale Up Its Operations Quickly Without Compromising Quality.

Interra Systems, a leading global provider of software products and solutions to the digital media industry, today announced that IYUNO, a leading provider of professional subtitling, dubbing, and closed-captioning services and technology for the TV, broadcast, and professional media industry, has deployed Interra Systems’ BATON file-based QC solution in Korea, the United States, Malaysia, and Japan.

Being a software-centric and automated solution, BATON allows IYUNO to scale up its operations very quickly without compromising quality, performing a variety of video, audio, and closed caption checks to ensure the delivery of superior-quality, error-free content.

“Prior to installing BATON, we relied on a manual QC process that was slow, antiquated, and created numerous video and audio errors since they could not be easily detected by humans,” said Stella Yoo, chief operating officer at IYUNO. “Several of our clients require strict compliance with QC standards and a short turnaround time. BATON speeds up the process utilizing automation and allows us to deliver file-based content with greater accuracy.”

BATON provides IYUNO with comprehensive quality checks, scalability, support for a wide range of media formats, and an intuitive web-based interface that makes it easy to detect issues, including those related to conformance checks, celecine issues, video/audio dropouts, and audio click/pop, among others. Since BATON is software-based, it’s very flexible and will be easy to integrate into IYUNO’s cloud-based infrastructure.

In particular, BATON supports a variety of subtitle and closed-caption formats, both embedded and stand-alone. Verification includes dropouts, standards compliance, profane word detection, and many others. By allowing IYUNO to perform multilanguage checks of audio tracks, BATON enhances audio experiences.

“IYUNO strives to be a leader in media processing, and with the deployment of BATON, it has signed several new high-profile clients,” said Kanishka Tongya, director of sales, APAC & MENA, Interra Systems. “BATON’s scalable architecture will let IYUNO expand its QC farm as needed, providing high availability that ensures the system continues operating even if one of the hardware components is down.”

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