BTS: Iyuno at the 4Developers Conference

November 29, 2022

4Developers Conference 2022

Why would anyone want to know about Compilers? Iyuno’s Director of Research & Innovation answers question for attendees of technology conference in Poland.

Iyuno is revolutionizing the future with leading technology solutions for today’s most challenging problems. This past November, Bartosz Adamczewski, Iyuno’s Director of Research and Innovation, returned to the 4Developers Conference in Poland, where he led a lecture on the topic “Compilers are Surprising.”

4Developers is one of the most recognizable events for programmers in Poland. The Interdisciplinary IT Technology Festival has been held regularly for over 14 years, with nearly 1,500 participants taking part in the most recent virtual edition of the festival.

Bartosz’s lecture spoke on the complexity behind compilers, a computer program that translates computer code written in one programming language into another, and how to benefit from the vast array of optimizations that compilers provide.

“Most people don’t know that a simple code change can lead to a massive boost in performance or to a performance pessimization; this is because compilers optimize our code without us even realizing,” said Adamczewski. “Compilers can be surprising and knowing how they work is a superpower that can help developers improve the performance of their programs without changing much in their code.”

Since Iyuno’s inception, technology has been at the forefront of everything we do. The future of localization will be driven by technology and cloud-based platforms. Our core objective is to accelerate the performance and artificial intelligence built into our day-to-day workflows.

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