BTS: Iyuno-SDI at SlatorCon Remote 2022

June 29, 2022

SlatorCon Remote 2022

On June 29, Iyuno-SDI President Mark Howorth spoke on a panel discussion at SlatorCon Remote with Andrew Aherne, VP of Distribution Operations at Disney.

On June 29, Iyuno-SDI President Mark Howorth spoke on a panel discussion at SlatorCon Remote with Andrew Aherne, VP of Distribution Operations at Disney. 

“Andy is a long-term supporter of our company and has been integral in our growth with the streaming giant, Disney,” said Mark.  

Throughout the panel, “Global Content – Global Releases: A Paradigm Shift,” Mark and Andrew covered a variety of topics including pressures on the dubbing process, rapidly increasing content volumes, non-English source content and the importance of high-quality dubbing. 

Andrew focused on the pressures on the dubbing process arising from the double challenge of compression of the release windows along with rapidly increasing content volumes to support Disney+.  

He also talked about the growing importance to Disney of non-English source content. “Something relatively new for all of us is English-language dubbing and the quality of that — particularly so for an audience that is only familiar with watching domestic content in English. I think there are opportunities and challenges for all of us to deliver international content in a way that really lands and engages a domestic audience,” Andrew commented.  

Andrew described the importance of high-quality dubbing and underscored Disney’s focus on ensuring no details are lost in translation when its audiences enjoy localized content on the Disney+ platform. He ended by thanking Iyuno-SDI for our part in making that happen. 

“SlatorCon was a great opportunity for us to highlight Iyuno-SDI's new capabilities in the wider marketplace and celebrate our close partnership with Disney,” concluded Mark. 

This is the second time that Iyuno-SDI has presented a panel at SlatorCon Remote, dating back to when CEO David Lee delivered the keynote at SlatorCon Remote 2021 on the “Transformation of Global Content Distribution and the Role Localization Plays.”  

His presentation highlighted: 

- Adapting to your customers’ needs 

- Expanding scale, scope, reach and capacity 

- Innovation in all dimensions 


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