Iyuno Hosts Subtitling Workshop for University Students

December 19, 2023

Iyuno visits Dutch Universities to Speak to Media Translation Students

Iyuno’s Corporate Recruiter Leads Subtitling Workshop for Audiovisual Students to Support University Translation Programs and the Next Generation of Translators.

Iyuno continues to provide meaningful support and the necessary tools to pursue a career in media localization during its visits to educational institutions around the world. Students earning their Master’s in Audiovisual Translation at Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam participated in a subtitling workshop hosted by Iyuno Corporate Recruiter, Palma Ljubica.  

Palma commented “With the evolution of the digital world having an impact on various sectors and specific jobs within the subtitling profession, we believe it's imperative to educate and bring awareness to a new generation of translators on opportunities in and the importance of the audiovisual translation (AVT) industry.” 

As the leader of global media localization, Iyuno has always recognized the significance of audiovisual translation within the overall industry. The need for quality AVT is essential for greater accessibility, and forms part of Iyuno's mission to enable greater inclusion and diversity across the board. Transferring from one language to another the verbal and visual components contained in media, AVT enables content to be accessible to a wider audience by not only embedding subtitling for the hearing impaired but also detailed audio description of visual elements for the blind. 

"Students are remarkably interested in the audiovisual translation industry especially as it relates to accessibility. We frequently hear that because of their interest, students end up choosing translation studies," added Ljubica. "We want to work with the most talented people in the industry, and there is a great need for passionate and informed AVT professionals to ensure content is translated correctly and accessible to even more people." 

By supporting universities like Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam with the further development of their AVT programs, Iyuno contributes to the development of a new generation of translators who then become committed to this important work.  

We look forward to welcoming the first interns and starters of 2023. 

For more information on how to partner with us on or schedule a visit to your university, please email 


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