How Does Your Favorite Actor Sound in Another Language?

February 17, 2023

February 17, 2023

The same — if the dubbing is done correctly.  

Iyuno’s Regional Director, Svetlana Gabunia, spoke with popular Moscow radio station, Silver Rain, about the casting, dubbing and level of quality needed to preserve the integrity of famous on-screen voices when dubbing them in Russian. Iyuno has been championed extensively for its contributions to the booming international content libraries on the world’s leading streaming platforms.   

“Sharing stories about how a movie is taken from one language to another is always interesting for listeners,” said Svetlana. “I like to talk about the casting and dubbing process for the Russian voices of Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston.” She also spoke about casting and directing the voices of cartoon characters, detailing the creative nuances and importance of having trained language specialists.  

The company today localizes content in more than 100 languages and is looking to educate those who may not fully understand its industry.

“I think being here today, speaking with you, is one of the best ways to bring awareness to the localization industry,” Svetlana explained. “It takes a team of both technical and creative specialists to localize media content at this level of quality. Consistency with the original voice is a critical deliverable for our Russian content.”  

Despite the rapid increase in the consumption of localized content by viewers around the world—in Moscow, few of the universities offer curricula for audiovisual translation. A limited number of training programs offer linguists and translators this specialization or have this specific level of standards in place to train students.  

Over the years, Iyuno has grown its relationships with universities and conferences to develop relevant coursework and training for those looking to pursue a career in the business of entertainment and media translation. The leader of media localization leverages its experience and process for training world-class talent to assist in the development of curriculum standards for the Academy of Foreign Languages in Russia.  


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