Iyuno Ranks Among Top 10 Largest Language Services Providers

By Slator | February 21, 2024

Iyuno Ranks #6 in the Slator LSPI

The Slator Language Service Provider Index (LSPI) is a ranking and an index of the world’s largest translation, localization, interpreting, and language technology companies.

As in the 2023 edition, participants in the Slator 2024 LSPI are listed in order of revenue (in USD for 2023). The ranking is supplemented with information relating to each company, such as year-on-year growth, corporate headquarters, and ownership.

Consistent with previous years, Slator has segmented the landscape of providers into four distinct groups.

  1. Super Agencies – full-service, standalone LSPs with revenues greater than USD 200m;

  2. Leaders – LSPs with revenues greater than USD 25m and that do not fall into the Super Agency category;

  3. Challengers – LSPs with revenues between USD 8m and USD 25m;

  4. Boutiques – LSPs with revenues between USD 1m and USD 8m.

Companies may choose to use the information as a benchmark for their own performance and growth, as an indication of growth in the language services industry, and as a starting point for evaluating strategic options including mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

LSPI Highlights

Excluding companies that have been added with the status “Pending Figures”:

  • The 2024 LSPI features nearly 250 companies in total, more than 30 of which are making their debut this year.

  • The combined US-dollar revenue of Slator 2024 LSPI companies grew 5.6% in 2023 to nearly USD 9.8bn. This is an attractive headline rate. However, the following should be noted:

    • A significant portion of this growth is the result of M&A-driven consolidation. 

    • We estimate organic growth across the ca. 250 companies featured to be flat

  • Inclusive of both M&A and organic growth, growth among the Super Agencies was 1.8%, compared to Leaders (9.9%), Challengers (9.3%), and Boutiques (2.4%).

  • A number of LSPs reported revenue declines in 2023: 42.9% of Super Agencies, 29.8% of Leaders, 25% of Challengers, and 45.0% of Boutiques. 

The Slator 2024 LSPI will be a useful resource for language industry stakeholders, such as service vendors, buyers, advisers, consultants, and investors when used in conjunction with Slator’s news and research, such as the recent Slator 2023 Language Industry M&A and Funding Report, and other in-depth Research and Reports and Data and Indexes.

The Slator 2024 LSPI is the industry’s first look at the state of the market in 2023. We will publish a brand new Language Industry Market Report in early Q2 2024, with market-sizing and in-depth vertical analysis.

The Slator LSPI contains 2023 and 2022 revenues (in USD) for each company as well as percentage growth, which is based on the original reporting currency. Commentary on 2023 performance data and organizational changes for each LSPI Super Agency and Leader is provided in the expanded records.


Iyuno ( is the media and entertainment industry’s leading localization service provider. As a trusted global partner to the world’s most recognized entertainment studios, streaming platforms and creators, it offers end-to-end localization services – from dubbing, subtitling and access services to media management, transformation and distribution services – in over 100 languages for every type of content distribution platform. The company's 75-year collective legacy is unmatched in operational expertise, scale, capacity and breadth of services. Leveraging the best in breed creative and technical talent, state-of-the-art facilities and next generation technologies, the company now boasts the largest global footprint with 67 offices in 34 countries. The company’s scale and customer-centric approach is focused on its mission of connecting content, connecting people. For more information, follow @IyunoHQ and #WeAreIyuno across social platforms.