MESA: Iyuno Launches iDub, a Remote Recording Solution

By MESA News Film /TV | June 11, 2020

iDub Logo

Entertainment technology and localization company Iyuno Media Group announced the launch of its remote recording platform, iDub, available globally.

The iDub recording platform is a complete dubbing workflow and solution designed to overcome, not only the current COVID-19-related geographic and physical separation challenges facing creative audio localization teams, but future business disruptions that may occur.

Iyuno and its iDub solution fully support the mission and objectives of the newly formed Audio Business Continuity Alliance (ABCA).

Iyuno’s iDub solution is comprised of three main components that enable remote recording and business continuity:

• MSX Cloud Production System. The MSX platform enables real-time project management, a comprehensive global infrastructure, and a cloud-based A/V processing engine.
• iDub Application. The iOS application interfaces with the back-end of MSX Cloud, providing a secure user interface for voice talents, studio directors and sound engineers to collaborate during remote dubbing sessions.
• iDub Booth Kit. The field-deployable acoustic structure, with controllable sound absorbing properties and necessary recording equipment, is designed with installation simplicity, setup, and usage in mind, allowing the voice talent to focus on voice acting, rather than technical setup details.

iDub is fully integrated with Iyuno’s end-to-end service management for asset creation, post production, mixing, QC, packaging, and delivery to ensure the demands of the supply chain are fulfilled and quality control is maintained at each step. This workflow supports the creative, technical, and security standards of the industry, and is respectful of local dubbing production nuances and union regulations where applicable.

Iyuno built iDub from the ground up to provide fast and flexible deployment of recording infrastructures anywhere in the world. The complete iDub Booth Kit can be packaged, shipped, and installed by voice talent in their location easily and simply within minutes.

“The global entertainment experience—and dubbing as a standard way of consuming international content— has become an industry-wide expectation and even mission-critical for content-providers. Audiences now expect instantaneous access to their favorite film and TV series whenever and wherever they are around the world. But with the challenges COVID-19 has presented, from the physical separation restrictions and closure of our traditional studio facilities, meeting the demand for dubbed programs has been a specific concern of our clients who have seen surges in viewership, said David Lee, Executive Chairman, Iyuno Media Group. “As a global service provider, Iyuno is turning an unprecedented obstacle into an opportunity to accelerate the evolution of our business to support uninterrupted delivery of our service to customers.”

iDub ensures the same studio-level of security for the content with the production system back-end and secure user interface. Each piece of content is watermarked, and remote participants can view videos, listen to recordings, collaborate, and talkback through the iDub application’s voice chat. Support for streaming videos into the application is powered through Iyuno’s proprietary cloud production system, MSX.