IYUNO Media Group Completes TPN Security Assessments for Seven APAC Locations

By Chris Tribbey | August 27, 2019


Subtitling, captioning and dubbing services provider IYUNO Media Group has announced the completion of seven Trusted Partner Network (TPN) security assessments for APAC locations, including in Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Taipei, Jakarta, Manila and Kuala Lumpur.

IYUNO provides media services for broadcasters, studios, OTT service providers, other content owners and partners, and its solutions include the iMediaTrans cloud-based subtitle and closed caption platform, which enables simultaneous collaboration by multiple users anywhere in the world, while maintaining day-of-air playout.

IYUNO couples iMediaTrans with its cloud-based project management platform iMTrax, to allow for systematic workflow planning and capacity management.

“This is an extremely positive result and underlines IYUNO’s drive to spearhead security consciousness in APAC which has been welcomed by the studios,” said Hijiri Okada, EVP of global operations for IYUNO. His company worked with risk assessment and compliance services firm Convergent Risks to complete the TPN assessments.

“We are really grateful for the hard efforts of the Convergent Risks’ team who guided us through the entire process to reinforce IYUNO’s security protocols. It’s beneficial to have access and utilize the many different skill sets the Convergent Risks group offers including pre-assessment consultancy, penetration testing, remediation support, policy document development and finally the security assessments. In particular we are now actively working with local partners through a vetting policy developed with Convergent.”

Chris Johnson, CEO of Convergent Risks, added: “It is a pleasure working with the many IYUNO Media Group locations to witness the strong commitment and security ethos from all the employees. We are looking forward to working with IYUNO on their next stage for China in Q3, which I am sure will raise interest from the studios.”