White Paper

A Simplified Look at the Subtitling Production Process

May 24, 2022


This paper will provide the reader with a broad understanding of the Subtitling production process while exposing the vast number of roles, processes, and workflows involved in producing high-quality subtitling for filmed entertainment.

In recent months there has been an increasing amount of attention to the quality of subtitling on films and television shows in the social media arena as well as in mainstream media, outside of the “industry trade” media that covers our sector.

The objective of this paper is to demystify the subtitling production process, and provide the reader with a relatively complete picture, (albeit a layman's version) of the production process and the overall business of subtitling for film and television productions on a global scale. 

We trust this will be helpful and informative in setting a basis of understanding that can allow for a more informed discussion about the role of the LSP (Localization Service Providers), subtitle quality, industry capacity, staff shortages, and more.